Analysis of Elago and Satechi accessories

In the last few days we have been testing various accessories. On Wednesday we saw the advantages of the Satechi hub and today it’s our turn to two other products. Both are stands or brackets made of aluminum, one of them designed for the iMac Pro and the second for the iPhone. Let’s see how they unfold on the desk.

Gain more desktop space with Satechi support

Having an iMac means having a large screen, quite when you move from a laptop to a 27-inch model like the iMac Pro. When placed on a desktop, some users want to have the screen at a certain height that may not be the one provided by the computer. Because it can’t be modified.

If you think your iMac is too low for your taste, a stand like Satechi’s may be the solution. Here are your specifications:

Satechi Support
  • Dimensions: 40 x 21 x 4.3 cm.
  • Weight: 1.1 kg.
  • Thickness: about 4 mm.
  • Material: anodized aluminum.
  • Supported weight: about 14 kg (iMac Pro weighs 9.7 kg).
  • Colors: silver, gold and space grey.
  • Price: 40.99. USD

These types of supports have other advantages besides raising the screen on the table. And that’s what you gain space and order on your desk. By placing the iMac on top of this stand, you’ll be able to leave the keyboard and mouse underneath when you’re done working. In the case of the iMac Pro, the keyboard is too long so you can only place the Magic Mouse there with its pad.

-Satechi proposes its support for Mac that allows to have the most ordered desktop and the highest screen-

If you’re using a MacBook or MacBook Pro connected to an external monitor, this support is also interesting. You put the monitor on it and deposit the Mac underneath. It has plenty of room, since the width of the 15-inch model is 35cm. If you’re worried about placing a metal on your desk, the stand has rubber «legs» that you’ll need to stick if you want to avoid rubbing with the table surface.

As for the color, the Satechi stand has three different ones. In our case we have analyzed the spatial gray and, as can be seen in the photos, does not completely match the color of an iMac Pro. It’s getting pretty close, though.

Elago iPhone stand: the perfect companion for your desktop

If you’re one of those who recharges your iPhone while you’re working on a desktop, Elago has an accessory for you. It’s an aluminum stand about 3-4 millimeters thick that places your iPhone at a perfect tilt so you can see everything that happens on it.

Elago iPhone And Apple Watch

-This Elago support is perfect for making calls and video conferences with comfort-

It is designed to be able to view notifications, control music, receive a FaceTime call or any video conference. Plus, it’s quite convenient to make and receive calls with the speaker or headphones on. All this while the terminal is charging.

It has a few holes ready to insert the Lightning charging cable. You can always leave the cable there and just plug it in easily when you place your iPhone in the stand. In these weeks of use, I can say that it is more useful than you think of both normal calls and video conferencing.

It has three rubber pads so that aluminum does not rub or scratch your iPhone. Two of them are located on the lower «pins» and the third on the backrest. There are models in five colors, with the spatial gray being the one we’ve analyzed. With a normal light, I find it has a slightly pink hue, which is why it would be better to choose the black color if you’re looking for it to fit with an iMac Pro or a space gray MacBook.