For those with pets the vacuum cleaner: Neato’s BotVac Connected D6

Automatic vacuum cleaners have been on the market for some time. But it hasn’t been until recently that they’ve acquired intelligence. In recent weeks, we have tested Neato’s BotVac Connected D6, a model specialized in cleaning households with pets that also has other interesting features.

technical specifications

  • Vacuum cleaner shape in «D».
  • Dimensions: 33.6 cm x 31.9 cm x 10 cm.
    Weight: 3.4 kg.
  • Container capacity: 0.7 litres.
    Connectivity: Wi-Fi at 2.4 Ghz.
  • Battery: lithium-ion with 120 minutes of battery life.
    Remote activation and cleaning schedule.
  • Smart features: coverage map, history, plant plans, boundary lines, care/echo/turbo mode.
Neato's BotVac Connected D6
Neato’s BotVac Connected D6

Closer cleaning in households with pets

You may remember the analysis we did a few months ago of BotVac D3. That vacuum cleaner changed my life and has quickly become one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. With the perspective of time and thanks to Neato, I have been able to test the D6 model, more advanced and sophisticated than mine.

Therefore, we will assume that it is a smart vacuum robot, superior to the automatic ones that go around bumping into all the walls and furniture of the house. All Neato have a laser sensor that allows them to navigate neatly and without crashing, allowing for faster and thorough cleaning. The first time you see it work, his ability to get around table legs, corners and walls is incredible.

-The Neato are able to detect table or chair legs and surround them several times to clean around them-

The D6 model introduced a few months ago goes a step further in intelligence and cleanliness. It has a swivel brush on the right side that allows it to catch dirt that on other models like mine was slipping away. Now, as he walks attached to the walls and furniture, he collects a lot more.

Anyone who has a pet who releases hair on a regular basis, as in my case, will know the value of this extra brush. But that’s not all, because Neato has designed a new main broom specially designed for pet hairs. And the cleaning filter also better catches allergens. Useful detail: It is now easier to empty the dirt tank as it stops accumulating in the filter.

This Neato model has an eco-mode and a turbo mode. They are quite explicit in themselves: with the first we have a softer cleaning and in the second a more intense.

Plans for different plants and boundary lines

The BotVac D6 has a specific function of this model, which is the creation of plans for different floors. If your home (or office) has multiple floors, you can assign different plans for each. And within these planes, delimit zones that the robot cannot cross.

This latest feature will reach other models such as the D3 in the future, neato says. But the D6 can use it now. And it’s quite useful. Until now I had to plan with time to vacuum around the house. Move furniture, climb chairs, remove the dog’s bowls, all so that the robot could do its job better and faster.

-With this model you can determine which areas should not be crossed by the vacuum cleaner, so you avoid having to remove obstacles from its path-

With limits I can save myself some of this effort. If you don’t have to go under the living room table, I make a box so I don’t have to remove the chairs in the middle. And that corner where it might get stuck, I put a couple of lines and so I don’t have to remember to put some obstacle.

Having a robot vacuum cleaner at home is becoming more and more common. Neato has several models with different price ranges. This BotVac D6 comes to enhance the most demanding models of the brand with more technology, power and autonomy than ever before. However, the price also accompanies this model with its 720 USD per unit.

If you have pets, a more or less large house and little time to vacuum, the D6 Connected is definitely your robot. I also consider it the right model if you have already experimented with this type of appliances and it is not your first rodeo. Conversely, if your interest in such devices has just woken up, it may be better to look at a model like the D3 Connected.