HiRise Wireless Analysis: Twelvesouth offers us an elegant and practical charging base at the same time

Since the wireless charging reached the iPhones and Apple could not be able to turn the dream of the AirPower into reality, dozens of manufacturers have launched the way to create the induction charging base that conquers all users of our favorite phone. There are all types and colors, but today we are going to take a look at a curious proposal that comes to us from Twelvesouth.

Its name is called HiRise Wireless, and it is a charging base that gains versatility and can work in several ways depending on what we need. It was released a couple of weeks ago, and its ace up its sleeve is a charging station that can stand on a base or take as any base. Let’s see all the details.

Fixed and mobile charging base at the same time

The HiRise Wireless is divided into two components: a discrete «mat» or charging disc on which we can charge any device that is Qi certified and has an elegant-looking base designed to have it fixed on a work desk or a bedside table.

You can have, through a very simple mechanism, the charging disc attached to that base to charge the iPhones supporting the device vertically or separate the charging disc from that base and take it with the cable wherever you want or simply use it as a base horizontal to be able to charge accessories such as AirPods with wireless charging case. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with the Apple Watch, but that’s not Twelvesouth’s fault: the Apple watch uses a charging system that can only be provided by Cupertino’s company at the moment.

The stand where you place the charging disc vertically has metal finishes and weighs 454 grams, more than enough so that the iPhone you rest on it does not tilt and pull the entire base. In fact there’s a small bump right where you rest the bottom of the phone, which brings more security. The charge is 10W, which makes this HiRise Wireless stand out above the traditional 5W load that have the most induction charging bases. The benefit is that iPhones will charge faster as they support up to 7.5W.

A small LED light will tell us if the device is charging or is already fully charged, depending on whether it is shown in blue or green. If there are any objects that hinder charging, the light will flash blue. The best thing about this point is that the light is very discreet, something that is very appreciated if you load your devices while you sleep in your room. Most manufacturers sin of using very large and intense lights, which turns the bedroom into a disco.

Another positive point is that the connection of the charging disk is USB-C, so that we can use the included USB-C to USB-A cable to charge other devices such as iPad Pro using any computer or power adapter that still depends on traditional USB. For my part I connected it directly to my iMac and I have not had any charging problems, although I miss that the HiRise Wireless includes as standard a power adapter considering its price. Still, it’s not too serious a deficiency because we can use either the computer or any of the Apple adapters that we have at home.

What I like most about this charging base is not the base itself, but the charging disk. It’s very discreet and small, so it fits anywhere and is perfect for taking you on a trip. We can talk about saving us having several chargers, although with the amount of cables and adapters we have it is also not that it saves us too much.

Perhaps the biggest problem with The HiRise Wireless is its price: $79.99 plus international shipping costs or $93.38 on Amazon. It is justified, because the base and load disc materials are of quality and the power of 10W is not in the cheapest bases, but still users will have a hard time investing more than 90 euros in just one charger. In any case, this HiRise Wireless can be attractive to anyone who wants a stylish charging dock that also becomes a small and discreet induction charger.