Opensport for iOS and Apple TV: the service to watch football and other pay sports

Yesterday was the Classic and by now we know that Barcelona beat Real Madrid in their own home. We are not here to talk about the party but to comment on our experience with a pay-TV service. It’s called Opensport and although it has a web to view the content from your Mac, the interesting thing is its two apps for iOS and Apple TV. I had the opportunity to find this service yesterday at the last minute and the truth is that I am quite satisfied. We tell you about our experience watching the most exciting football match in the league.

Opensport and its first free month

First of all, it should be clarified that Opensport is a paid streaming service. Its price is similar to other streaming content providers such as Netflix: 9.99 euros per month. There is another payment fee for 4.50 USD per week, which can also be interesting at certain times. In both modes as well as free, the conditions are as follows:

HD quality.

Up to two simultaneous devices with the same account.

Content: the 4 La Liga Matches, League 123, all engine (motos, formula E, Nascar among others), fighting channel, extreme sports and more.

Like Netflix or HBO, Opensport has a 1 month free even if we have to enter our card details

Best of all, the new highs have a free month to try the service, which is the modality I used yesterday to see the Classic. You register as a user with an email and password and enter a valid credit or debit card in order to complete the process. Here, Opensport is back to being like HBO and other similar services, as we can unsubscribe immediately to avoid charging the first installment.

There is no penalty or permanence when you unsubscribe from this sports streaming service. However, to do so, you will need to access your profile from the browser of any device since it cannot be from the app. Now that one of the most important sporting events of the year has passed, you may prefer to wait until another time to make use of your free month.

Compatible devices, experience and sports

I was lucky to sign up for Opensport shortly before the game, because during the match it was impossible. A friend of mine tried, but the service could no longer be accessed. There was probably an avalanche of requests. Despite this, I had no problem using it on my Apple TV and iPhone.

Depending on your internet connection, you’ll have higher or lower latency (close the windows to avoid spoilers of people screaming down the street) and better or worse video quality. At home and with the Apple TV, it took a little time to boot and started with a low quality for seconds after moving to HD (although I’d say it was never Full HD, probably because it had ADSL and not fiber). There was a moment of the match when the quality plummeted to recover soon after.

In my opinion, the best thing about Opensport is its iOS app. I had to go out and buy supplies as soon as the game started and I was able to take it with me. As soon as you are on 4G network, the quality rises sensitively compared to that of home (again, surely by the connection). But the best thing was to discover that by blocking the iPhone the broadcast does not stop but continues as if it were the radio. Perfect for listening to with headphones.

Opensport is an alternative to watching important football matches that works. No pirate broadcasts, ads or weird stuff

Opensport is an alternative to watching important football matches that works. No pirate broadcasts, ads or weird stuff