Pitaka MagCase an anti-bullet case for iPhone X

One of the star accessories for our iPhones are the cases, one of the most important secondary markets for Apple’s phone since its launch. There has always been some controversy, because of its excellent design, there are those who prefer not to wear any kind of protection on their new phone. However, even the most reluctant have ever fallen and i doubt that some drawer have saved some for certain occasions. Gym? Trip? Why not?

In these ten years of the existence of the iPhone, we have seen almost everything. From ultra-thin cases for those who reluctantly accept some minimums, to those much more resistant for the more adventurous. In the middle is most users, who seek comfort, endurance and minimal in the accompaniment of The Design of the Apple phone. In my opinion, the best for any type of user are those offered by the brand itself: silicone or leather ones are the most resistant and coherent in design.

But there are more options. What if we need an ultra-light but also ultra-resistant case? The Pitaka brand has a very good choice for all of them, as it in turn maintains much of the original design of the iPhone, without compromising its appearance. For a month I have tried the MagCase, without a doubt one of the clear examples of maturity that this aftermarket has achieved.

-In ten years of iPhone we have also reached maturity in cases: proposals such as the MagCase balance all the key points we ask for such an accessory-

Pitaka MagCase

Bulletproof material for our iPhone

This case is also known by «Aramid iPhone case» and is not randomly put: the word «aramid» in Spanish is an abbreviation of the term «aromatic polyamide», a category of robust and heat-resistant synthetic fiber. It is used for military purposes: for ballistic compounds and personal protective vests, but it is also widely used in aerospace or shipbuilding. By definition it has very good resistance to shocks (this is a very good news in a case) and to heat – it is resistant to even fire.

The brand tells us that it is built 100% with this material, and in the hand has a fantastic grip. It has a minimum point of roughness to prevent certain accidental slips, but is quite clever not to add more thickness to the set. And this is one of the points that most impresses: if the iPhone X has a thickness of 7.7 mm (counting the camera opening), with the case on it only increases up to 8.35 mm (with the camera as well).

Thanks to this extreme thinness the design does not fade as much as in other options. The cover is rigid with a minimum point of elasticity so that it is comfortable to put and remove, and in this month using it I have not managed to make any scratches, despite having taken it to the gym and some trips. Perhaps at the design level I would have liked more that the top had been closed as in the Apple cases, I find them more physically prettier although it is true that it had increased weight and wingspan. Still, with the iPhone X inside the look doesn’t look bad:

The camera also has extra protection, as it not only protects the contour, it also prevents the lenses from touching the table if we leave it on it. The opening in the case leaves a few millimetres on the sides to prevent any blows from affecting the optics, which I thought was a great idea.

-I would have liked the case to be closed also above, but still the set with the iPhone X looks very good-

Resistant and balanced

The brand promises us that the material of this case is five times stronger than steel, even that it will never lose its color or scratches will be marked. In my tests, it has remained flawless in everyday life, and is comfortable and light: to the touch you practically forget that you wear it. The package also includes a glass screen protector and a microfiber suede to clean it, a very interesting extra that improves Pitaka’s proposal.

Another interesting point of this complete accessory is that it has two metal plates on its back (inside the material itself, they are not visible from the outside) that allows this case to adhere magnetically to the brand’s car holder , without adding unsightly stickers or anchors. If you have the magnetic support, this case will simply be fixed without problems, safely. And fully compatible with wireless charging or payment with Apple Pay, of course.

-The MagCase incorporates hidden metal plates for Pitaka magnetic support: a complete, robust and comfortable solution without compromising the design-

The MagCase is a case that almost considers all the aspects that we might require: protection, security, design and certain extra features such as those mentioned above that are details to consider. In Spain we can find it right now for about 40 USD, a great price for everything it offers if you are looking for some of these features, also available in seven discrete color combinations.

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