Why is Apple Watch my favorite device?

Three years ago I had to chase a courier truck through the cold streets of Whistler, British Columbia. The reason was this: get the Apple Watch I had booked two weeks earlier. It was Friday and I had just moved out of the house unexpectedly, so I needed to intercept it before the end of the day. Otherwise, you would have to wait until Monday for delivery.

This mission was completed and since that April 24, 2015, the Apple Watch has been with me. Except for a few occasions. In all these years, it has become my favorite Apple device. These are my reasons.

A watch that is perfected every year

With the passage of watchOS versions, my original Apple Watch has gained essential functionality. From minor refinements to new dials to speed improvements, Apple’s watch has grown tremendously over the last three years.

Perhaps the most significant improvement I have felt has been the most generous management of the RAM of the device that came with watchOS 3. This new version of the operating system allowed apps to launch faster, as well as save their state to memory. Finally, apps opened instantly, something that was much needed on your Apple Watch.

-The Apple Watch is a living device, which gains functions over time instead of remaining static-

apple watch
Apple Watch

In addition to this speed improvement, Apple’s wearable gained in new capabilities with its ecosystem. Every time I sit in front of the iMac, the computer is automatically unlocked thanks to the watch. He knows I’m close and he knows it’s me because I’ve put on the device and unlocked it first thing in the day. Thanks to this feature, you can access your Mac immediately and without password delay.

The sporting part has also made a qualitative leap. There are now more activities to record, fewer menus to enable monitoring, and more detail in the exercise performed. Training with the Apple Watch is one of the watch’s strengths.

While Apple’s official software has improved considerably in all this time, the same cannot be said for third-party apps. The future of these apps is uncertain.

The eternal debate of third-party apps

At first, the only apps on the watch were Apple’s official ones. External developers wouldn’t arrive until September 2015, with the release of watchOS 2. Despite the appearance of these apps, the model has not finished between developers and users.

In recent months, several reputable apps such as Instagram or Slack have left the Apple Watch software store. Without falling into the debate or spreading blame, the truth is that one realizes with the passage of time that the initial approach of the apps has been wrong. Apple’s watch is not a miniature iPhone and many are realizing it now.

-There is something in third-party apps that doesn’t add up. Perhaps the response to these apps is in the spheres and integration with the siri-

apple watch

It’s a totally different device. With a very small screen that limits the interaction with an app as well as the information it can show us. But it has other advantages when compared to the iPhone: it is always with us, has access to different sensors and is discreet. Apps are going to have to accept these peculiarities if they want to have something to say on the Watch.

As a result of this learning period, some apps will make sense. New types of apps will emerge before. Others won’t find their raison d’easing on a screen on their wrist. It is clear that sports apps have their place here. Others that I also find useful are those of «remote control», such as Neato’s to control a vacuum cleaner, Home for HomeKit accessories and the function that controls iPhone audio for podcasts and music.

What is clear is that carrying an app as-is from iPhone to Apple Watch doesn’t work. It needs to be rethought from scratch. Maybe we’ll see a revulsion this WWDC with rumors about Apple’s universal apps. And, as Peter points out in the Talk, we may see third-party spheres. Will these be the real apps on the Apple Watch?

The Lights and Shadows of Siri

Siri has proven to be an essential companion during these years with the Apple Watch. Being able to turn your wrist and give it short orders is one of my most useful use cases. Activating the countdown, sending a text message or calling someone using hands-free are the kind of things that are adopted in everyday effortlessly.

When you combine them with other elements of the Apple ecosystem, your device earns a lot of points. For example, make calls with your AirPods without taking your iPhone out of your pocket or holding it on another end of the house. Also when you control HomeKit accessories from your wrist by giving Siri commands.

-Having Siri on your wrist is one of the great advantages of the Apple Watch to be able to perform actions without touch intervention-

But Apple’s assistant doesn’t just receive and execute orders. Since watchOS 4 has its own sphere and I must say that after its launch it is the one that I have set most of the day. I love that it shows relevant information only when it’s needed. Weather changes, calendar appointments, reminders, sunrise and sunset time and photos of special moments chosen from my personal photo library.

The latter is one of my favorite features, because it helps me remember trips, events and special places. It’s hard to explain how amazing it is to see photos of a stop you barely remember on a trip from years ago. It’s a way to value the mountain of photos we’ve accumulated for years.

Some of the future of third-party apps may be through their integration into this area. Apps like Spotify, Outlook or Uber show us audio controls, calendar appointments and the imminent arrival of our next driver.

That said, my original Apple Watch is no longer what it was. I would say that since watchOS 4, invoking Siri is extremely slow. Both when using the phrase «Hey Siri» and when pressing the digital crown. It’s something that’s related to the clock hardware and I’m afraid it’s not going to have a solution. This leads me to think that watchOS 4 will be your last supported version.

-The limitations of the initial hardware have billed Siri on the original Apple Watch-

An Apple Watch for every occasion

Newer models of the Apple Watch move more easily thanks to its revamped processors. The Series 3 is even capable of speaking out to you. We will see this September what is cooked from Cupertino for the next generation.

Perfectly monitor physical activities

Monitoring physical activity is essential for my day-to-day life. My interest is focused on maintaining and improving my physical endurance without excess. Working from home can be very comfortable, but you have clear risks if you end up having a sedentary lifestyle.

The Apple Watch here does a formidable job. The concept of activity rings is one of Apple’s best software ideas, because they reflect the company’s understanding of human nature with its mastery of technology. These three rings push you to move more, to demand more every day without falling into routine or laziness. Because if you don’t deliver one day, you break your streak.

-Sport and activity monitoring would not be the same without the watchOS ring and medal system-