Apple shares a series of new ‘Slofie’ videos recorded with iPhone 11

The Apple company has shared in recent minutes a series of new videos showing us the ‘Slofie’ feature, which came hand in hand with the new iPhone 11. Under the term «Slofie», Apple dedicated a portion of the September keynote to this feature, which is nothing more than a slow motion selfie video.

Unlike older iPhones, the front camera of iPhone 11 models supports slow motion video recording at 120 frames per second, so the company wants to promote this new way of capturing moments using the front camera of the most recent iPhone. The first of these videos we had already seen it months ago, where a girl is shown trying to do a ‘Slofie’ with some mishaps.

Another of the videos shows us how it is possible to capture a group ‘Slofie’, in a rather particular and entertaining way.

Apple also released a clip showing us how to take a ‘Slofie’ in the rain.

And finally, we have a video in which an older man making funny faces in slow motion with the front camera of the iPhone 11.

Apple registered ‘Slofie’ trademark

In September we told you that Cupertino’s signature initiated the registration procedures for the ‘Slofie’ mark in order to prevent anyone else from using it without their consent, such as when a smartphone manufacturer advertises a function s imilar.