Logitech Crayon a true rival for Apple Pencil

More than two years after the introduction of Apple Pencil with the first iPad Pro, we met Logitech’s Crayon. Developed in conjunction with Apple, the Crayon is a different approach to the iPad-compatible stylus. It has its own limitations, but it also shines in different aspects. We’ve been testing this Logitech product for the past few days and here’s our analysis.

Technical specifications

  • Accessory type: flat-body stylus»».
  • Compatibility: iPad 2018.
  • Dimensions: 163 x 12 x 8mm.
  • Weight: 20 grams.
  • Materials: aluminum for the body, silicone for the back and PC+ABS at the tip.
  • Battery: 7 hours of battery life.
  • Upload: Via Lightning port.
  • Fast charging: yes, 2 minutes give 30 minutes of autonomy.
  • Power button.
  • Green and red LED for battery charging.
  • Price: 66.99 USD in Logitech.
  • Getting to know Logitech’s Crayon
Logitech Crayon

With the Crayon, Logitech has set out to outdo Apple Pencil in almost every respect. The first and most obvious is its form and construction. Anyone who has used the Apple pen will have noticed that its rounded shape makes it roll on any surface. Leaving it on the table is running the risk of it disappearing.

The Crayon avoids this by mimicking a carpenter’s pen, which will appeal to those who use it on a sloping table. It is constructed of aluminum and rubber, with a weight very similar to the Apple Pencil but in a slightly shorter body. As a whole, we have a very balanced stylus. So much so that you can even play with it by spinning around your thumb.

This accessory does not require synchronization. The first time we use it, just zoom in on the iPad and press the only button it has. Boom. You are now ready to interact with the device. When you’re done, you can press the button again to turn it off, although it will turn off after half an hour if you don’t.

-The Crayon is charged using any Lightning cable by lifting the lid and without adapters-

Through its LED it is able to tell us how much battery you have left. In green is that it has more than 10% remaining autonomy, red when it is below 10% and flashing red when it has 5% or less charge. Connect it for a couple of minutes with the Lightning cable and you’ll have 30 more minutes to work.

About the charging system of the Apple Pencil has been said everything. Although it is a comfortable system that does not require a cable, it gives a fragile appearance when attached, besides that the lid can be lost even if it has its magnet. Logitech has decided to end the debate with its Crayon: its Lightning connection is female to attach to any of these cables and, as an addition, the lid is attached to the stylus body.

Better than Apple Pencil

Stop talking about how it looks, let’s go over and see how it works on the screen. As detailed in the Crayon specifications above, this accessory is only compatible with iPad 2018. The same iPad that we analyzed last April and that left us with such a good taste in the mouth. This is the only iPad with support for Apple Pencil, with the addition of the Crayon thanks to the joint development with Apple.

When it comes to drawing and writing with the Crayon, the experience is quite similar to Apple’s Pencil. It is able to detect the tilt to show a more or less thick stroke. It’s more designed for creative and light writing sessions, while Apple’s is more user-oriented.

-Logitech Crayon is a very interesting tool to introduce little ones into the world of digital drawing-

The fundamental difference between Crayon and Pencil is pressure sensitivity. Logitech stylus lacks this feature, quite important for more professional users. That ends up being reflected in the price of 72 euros, almost thirty euros less than the Apple pencil.

Apple and Logitech presented the Crayon in their March educational keynote, initially restricted to educational institutions. Fortunately for fans of drawing, its sale has been open to all audiences since the 12th of September. If you have iPad 2018 and want a pen to unleash your creativity or that of your children, the Crayon is the best way to get started.