Some Apple products manufactured in 2020 will have other vendors

The 2020 is interesting for Apple. Several rumours suggest that the company will launch more smartphones than ever before. If Ming-Chi Kuo envisaged five different terminals, recent information predicts one more that would arrive by the end of the year or early 2021. A patent also revealed that the top-of-the-range iPhone 12 would abandon the notch, and that many of the OLED panels would be produced in China.

Kuo is a well-known analyst for predicting or predicting the arrival of future Apple products before they were announced. We’ve only been back two days of the new year and it’s already back in charge with details on the manufacture of some branded devices. The company could switch providers on AirPods Pro, Apple Watch Series 6 and iPod touch.

Apple relies on Goertek, Luxshare and BYD Electronic for its headphones, watches and MP4 players

According to Kuo, the Chinese company Goertek will be in charge of manufacturing the AirPods Pro during the first half of 2020. Together with Luxshare Precision, having two providers will help meet the demand for the new wired Bluetooth headphones of the bite apple, which among its features are the cancellation of active noise and the resistance to water and sweat.

Regarding apple watch series 6, Luxshare Precision will take over from Quanta Computer and will be the exclusive manufacturer of the next generation of S-Series smartwatch processors that Apple will announce in September 2020.

Quanta Computer will also be relieved of its task of mounting iPod touches in 2020 to some extent because Apple would have relied on BYD Electronic for this mission. In addition, the latter will handle 10-20% of all iPad orders only Wi-Fi, nothing that also has cellular LTE/4G connectivity. If they meet the times, Cupertino’s would increase the number of iPads in 2021.