The three 2020 iPhones with OLED display: with sizes from 5.42″ to 6.67″ according to DigiTimes

Now that all the avalanche of news presented by Apple during the month of March is over, it’s time when we start seeing rumors about the upcoming iPhones. About next and next year, according to DigiTimes, Apple is already thinking about resizing its screens by 2020.

Half-Asiansays suggests Apple plans to release a total of three iPhones with OLED screens by 2020. This year will surely keep a model with LCD screen, the successor to the iPhone XR. The novelty will not simply be the switch to OLED display for all models, but will change the sizes as well. Switching to OLED altogether is something WSJ also holds.

A thinner screen for a smaller phone

Apple currently has three sizes on its latest phones released. Sizes are 5.8 inches for iPhone XS, 6.1 inches for iPhone XR and 6.5 inches for iPhone XS Max. In September we will most likely see these sizes again, in September 2020 could change to the following:

  • 5.42 inches for the smallest model.
  • 6.06 inches for medium model.
  • 6.67 inches for larger model.

As we can see, on the one hand the size of the larger one grows while on the other it shrinks the size of the smaller one. In this way, the sizes are further diversified among all models. It may also be a sign that a «small» phone successor to the iPhone SE never occurs again, or at least not in the medium term.

On the other hand, from DigiTimes they point out that we will also have a new technology on the OLED screen. Samsung Display and LG Display panels with Y-Octa and TOE technology will be used respectively. Such technologies allow you to remove a layer from the panel to make it thinner and therefore the separation between the user’s finger and pixels is smaller. And yes, it also means having a phone with a smaller thickness.

Whether or not these rumors are true, we’ll know in about a year and a half. DigiTimes usually has access to the eApple provider chain, although it has not always been right in its predictions. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense what they’re saying. These changes in size may also mean some more drastic change in phone design.