Five wireless chargers so you don’t miss AirPower

Although in recent months we were all convinced of AirPower’s arrival in the market, a few days ago the Apple company announced that it officially cancels the AirPower for «not meeting its quality standards». «After much effort, we have concluded that AirPower will not meet our high standards and we have canceled the project,» said Dan Riccio, Senior Vice President of Product Engineering at Apple.

We know that many of you were on the lookout for AirPower’s release to be able to load your mobile devices more easily, and that’s why from Appldial we share some options currently available on the market, ideal for charging wirelessly our equipment.

Zens Wireless Charging

This option is definitely ideal for all those who want to wirelessly charge up to three devices at once. Zens Wireless Charging is a device that supports Apple Fast Charging for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, Xr, X, 8 and 8 Plus. This charger has an ultra-thin design and is capable of charging two devices and an Apple Watch at the same time without cables.

This charging station is Apple MFi certified and made of aluminum for added durability and aesthetics. In addition, it is designed with non-slip material, has automatic shutdown and wide coils that prevent devices from moving.

Belkin BoostUp Charging Dock

Another wireless charger capable of charging more than one device is the Belkin BoostUp. With this device users can charge iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods or their iPads using the maximum wireless charging speed with Qi technology at 7.5 W and Apple Watch at 5 W.

The Belkin BootsUp Charging Dock supports apple watch/alarm mode function during charging, and is made of metal with a soft-touch silicone surface on top, so users can locate their watch and phone there.


One of the recommended wireless chargers, which we even tested at AppleSolutions, is NOMAD. It is a wireless charging dock designed to charge as many products as possible at the same time. For this reason, NOMAD is rectangular in shape and has three coils to charge up to two devices at once in three different positions. Also, these mat coils allow charging up to 10W and are compatible with Apple’s (and Samsung) fast charging system.

Among its main is this base is covered with leather, so it neither slips the iPhone nor scratches. In addition, the NOMAD Base Station has the mat where we can charge two devices by Qi and a USB-C port and another USB-A to add more products to load. In other words, the perfect ports for the Apple Watch charger and iPad charger.

Super Thin Wireless Charger

Finally, another alternative present on the market is Super Thin Wireless Charger, a base that not only stands out for the minimalist and simple design it presents, but also for the quality of its operation. This charger is fully compatible with fast charging of iPhones, so users will be able to charge their devices at a faster speed thanks to the power transmission at 7.5V.

Although it’s a good alternative, we should warn that it’s a wireless charger that only supports one charging device at a time, so if you’re looking for an Option to AirPower, we recommend taking a look at the options we shared earlier.

Aukey Wireless Charger

Aukey is also a brand with a lot of recognition among users. A great option is this Qi standard wireless charger that supports charging speeds of 5, 7.5 and 10 W. And the best thing is its pretty contained price.